House of Lords

Own Your Style.

For the man who owns his style, House of Lords proudly pushes the boundaries of button down men’s shirts fashion, for a powerful look that gets noticed.

The House of Lords premium line of button down men’s shirts, clubwear, streetwear and high quality designer jeans brings a bold look and rocker chic to men’s button down shirts fashion.

The HOUSE OF LORDS management team takes pride in the development of each new piece, applying his artistry, passion and design expertise into every button down shirts styles bearing the House of Lords name. they frequently draws inspiration from the rock & roll they grew up with – evident in his hard-edged designs accentuated with dominant lines – and yet he continuously moves the brand forward as well, incorporating emerging trends from the cutting edge of button down men’s shirts fashion throughout the world.


The result is an effortlessly edgy shirts style that is at once refined … and yet more than a little untamed.

House of Lords is sold exclusively through high-end button down men’s shirts specialty boutiques and hand-picked online retail sites. Call us to find the locations where House of Lords is sold. For more information about House of Lords Clothing styles and distributors business, you can contact us at [email protected] or see the contact information page to reach our sales representatives.